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Tähetorni 16, 11625 Tallinn, Estonia

Arrival by car

Arrival by taxi

Arrival by bus

Tähetorni Hotell is located about 9 km from the centre of Tallinn. It takes 15–25 min by car, depending on traffic density.


Driving guide from the airport


Departing the airport, turn right to Tartu road (towards the city centre) and drive about 0.6 km. Before a bridge you can see a bigger crossroad, on which you have to hold to the left and turn to Järvevana road. After driving 4.1 km, you will reach a multilevel crossroad. Drive under the bridge and turn right – you will get on Pärnu road. Continue driving towards Nõmme 4.9 km and be certain that you are on Pärnu road. If you have followed the instructions rightly you will reach the crossing of Vääna street, where signs will lead you to Tähetorni Hotell after driving 1.9 km.


From the centre


The easiest way is to drive by Pärnu road. After 9 km you will reach the crossing of Vääna street, where signs will lead you directly (1.9 km) to Tähetorni Hotell.


From Mustamäe


Drive by Sõpruse boulevard 4.6 km: you will reach a roundabout. Keep on driving straight 0.5 km by Akadeemia street. Then turn left to Raja street and soon you will notice signs, which will lead you to Tähetorni Hotell (2.2 km).

Before you enter the cab find the pricelist, which has to be seen on the window or ask the price from the driver.The start is 1.60-5.75 EUR in Tallinn and costs 0.38- 1 EUR per km. The drive from the centre to Tähetorni Hotell costs 6-15 EUR As there are no bounds for the prices,  be careful by taking a cab from the center or habour.The prices can be up to 3 EUR per km.

To find the easiest way to the Hotel, we recommend to use the optimal travel search, where  you can find also the timetables of public transport. Watch here.


There are several options. The best is by trloleybus no 2 or 3. No 2 starts from the front of the National Opera Theatre Estonia. Later you have to change to bus no 10 at Lehola stop, but first cross the street. Trolleybus no 3 starts beside the Tallinn Department Store near Viru Keskus. In this case you must change to bus no 10 as well. Whether at Vambola, Liivaku or  Ehitajate tee stop and on the same side of the street. From bus no 10 you step out at the stop  Kadaka Puiestee. Bus turns left but you go straight across the street. Go forward a bit and you see Tähetorni Hotell.


Also an option to get to the hotel is to take bus no 36. That bus starts from Viru stop  and you must change at Nõmme stop to bus no 10 again. Only this time go across the street and chose the opposite direction.

If you chose to take bus no 18 from Viru Centre, you must change after 35 min drive to bus no 10.Step out at stop Pärnu Maantee and cross the road. By bus no 10 it takes mostlyt 9 minutes to get to the stop Kadaka Puiestee.


Buses no 20 and 20A  dont go as often as other lines, but if you find out the exact time table, then its comfortable, no need to change the bus. The bus stop is Nõva to reach rhe hotel and go forward up to the crossroad .Then turn left. After 30 m you stand in front of Tähetorni Hotell.


Trolleybus no 2 (Estonia–Lehola). Then in the opposite direction: bus no 10 (Lehola–Kadaka puiestee).

Trolleybus no 3 (Kaubamaja – Vambola, Liivaku or Ehitajate tee). Then  in the same direction: bus no 10 (Vambola, Liivaku or Ehitajate tee – Kadaka puiestee)

Bus no 36 (Viru keskus – Nõmme). Then in the opposite direction: bus no10 (Nõmme–Kadaka puiestee).

Bus no 18 (Viru keskus–Pärnu maantee). Then in the same direction: bus no 10 (Pärnu maantee–Kadaka puiestee)

Bus no 20 or 20A (Reisisadam or Kunstiakadeemia–Nõva).



Hotell Tähetorni OÜ

Tähetorni 16, 11625 Tallinn, Estonia

+372 6779 100


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