The Green Key

Estonia – with its beautiful nature and unique cultural heritage has become an attractive travel destination for many from all over the world. For us, Estonia is home; for you – it’s a nice memory. Here in Estonia, we want to preserve our beautiful nature – for us, our children and of course for you – our guests.


Implementation of the principles of sustainable development in the 80s has enabled and motivated us to preserve and take care of our environment. The green way of thinking has become popular in many countries, including Estonia. The accommodation facilities in Estonia, from hotels to little hostels are proud of their environmentally friendly attitude. Many of them have joined the international label for environmentally conscious businesses, the Green Key system.


In Estonia, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, the Ministry of Environment, the Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association, the Estonian Tourist Board, and the Estonian Ecotourism Association sponsor the Green Key initiative.


Already at the beginning of the 20. century, Nõmme became a popular place for people to spend their holidays. People were very fond of Nõmme because of it’s beautiful nature and good atmosphere. We have joined the Green Key’s program to show our attitude towards the environment that surrounds us. The green mentality has been important to us already from the early hotel years. The Green Key is a great way to show our guests how we want to achieve excellent quality and comfort via environment friendly actions.


Tähetorni Hotel wishes to participate in saving our clean and beautiful nature. We have made the following points our primary priorities:


         *  To economically use water, heat and electric energy.

         *  Recycle garbage while producing it minimally.

         *  Avoiding chemicals to get into nature

         *  Preferring local raw stock used for catering

         *  Use economical technology


Take a look around you and see the beauty of nature!


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The Green Key